Synchronise scrolling for multiple dash-tables

Hi, is there a way to synchronise scrolling across multiple dash-tables? I.e I have two tables with the same number of rows next to each other. When I scroll down I would like both to move together.

Hi @camshaw, did you figure out a solution for this?

Hi @rustys , no I didn’t. Did you?

Hi - I was wondering whether anyone has any updates to this by chance? I would love to have a few of my DataTables scroll simultaneously if possible - would drastically increase my personal use-cases of Dash, seeing as most of my current non-Dash dashboards are made by converting Excel files to HTML files that all have their columns in line when I scroll horizontally across the page. (I actually need the horizontal scrolls to be linked, but I would assume that the process will be similar if there’s a fix for the vertical scroll. Thanks!

How about combining the tables you want to scroll together into one table?

The primary issue there is that they each represent basically the same data but for different companies, which is easy to handle with a MultiIndex in Pandas, but when it comes to dash_tables, I didn’t think that there was a kind of “merge_duplicate_headers” prop for the rows if that makes sense? Using MultiIndexes a lot in my data, I find that it’s a bit difficult to translate that over to DataTables at times because of the lack of index support but I figured that syncing multiple DataTables in a layer on top of the underlying Dash application might be the best way to circumvent this limitation.