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Surface & event

Greetings everyone,

I’m quite next one with plotly…
I would have some questions relative to event & 3D surface.

Indeed, I have a surface where I would like to start action on event. Unfortunately I didn’t reached to use event ot make it. If I could understand understand left click & right click are used for 3D scene, could we imagine get Doubleclick event and retrieve what user select on surface(x,y,z hover info) ? Is there a way to make it?
I can of course jQuery DblClick on figure but I have no idea how to get hover info there.

Any help is really appreciated.

plotly.js supports native (i.e. jQuery-less) click event bindings https://plot.ly/javascript/click-events/ on svg 2d chart only at the moment.

We hope to extend click events to 3d charts in the near future.

OK, thanks for info…

Would be excellent to implement in next future…