😎 Awesome Dash List - Contributors welcomed

Hi Dash Community,

Here’s something I’ve been working on over the past month, an awesome-dash list. Awesome lists are a great way for new and old to find resources relating to a particular technology. As Dash has only been around for a few months there’s quite limited content, however this is growing.

With the aim of increasing awareness of Dash I’ve submitted two PR’s to include Dash in awesome lists:

Contributions are welcomed!


:sunglasses: Awesome!! This could be a great place to organize community-built Dash components (i.e. from https://plot.ly/dash/plugins) as well. Thanks for making this!


Thanks @chriddyp ! I 100% agree, I haven’t come across community built components yet. I would like to build one myself and I know Aly (co-contributor to awesome-dash) is intending on writing a blog on how to make components.


Please write a blog about it, i will be the first one to follow that.

Hi! I’m the author of dash-earthquakes. Cool that you included it in the awesome list!

This is a great idea. It would also be really cool to have some kind of style guide, or list of best practices for dash apps.

BTW, I created another dash app that displays some data from the openFDA API:


Hi @jackaljack thanks for contributing your code to open source! I just took a look at your app/code… nice work, I like the use of tests!

Do you want to send a PR to include your latest dash app?

Style guides are nice, Aly’s blog post is perhaps the closest thing regarding breaking up your Dash code into MVC sections

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