Sunburst annotation

I want to make a sunburst diagram showing the number of occurence of categories (here 0, 1 for the categories and 2,3 … for the subcategories).
One category can be underrepresented. With the default layout it makes the text unreadable. I would like to know if there is an option to move the text of the small subcategory/all subcategories outside of the diagram ?

I have found an existing question on the subject on stackoverflow without any answer: python - show labels of a sunburst chart outside of the circle - Stack Overflow

Thanks in advance

no clue on the outside.

a hacky approach might be to iterate over all of your data, and if some element contains <x% of the values, then change the draw label to ’ '. keep the hovertext as the original label so that people can still see the label if they want

Thank you for your answer!
Sadly I need this figure in a report so I can not rely on hovering…
But I keep it in mind in case I make a manual labeling of the figures.