Sunburst Hover effect is not working for layer 1

Dear All,

I am using Python and Plotly for sunburst chart which has max depth of 2.

The issue I am facing is that the hover effect of layer 1 is not working while that of layer 2 is working properly.
It supports to show “Trusted Compute” in layer 1 hover.

For illustration purpose, I attached screenshots in which I hover light blue section in layer 1 and nothing appear; however, if I go into layer 2 of that blue section and hover to each item, it can display name in this case like Test 17.

I don’t want to include any text in layer 1 because text orientation is very difficult to adjust such as some text appears vertically while others displayed as horizontally.

So, I kindly request you guys for help and advice.

I attached the 2 screenshots and source code.

#Source Code
import pandas as pd
import as px
import math

Load your CSV data (replace with your data path)

data_path = ‘sunburst_data.csv’
data = pd.read_csv(data_path)

Prepare the data

sunburst_data = data[[‘root’, ‘researchInterests’, ‘people’]]

Create the sunburst chart

fig = px.sunburst(
path=[‘root’, ‘researchInterests’, ‘people’],

Remove hover effect


Remove hover effects (use the method that works for you)


Adjust other text properties

fig.update_traces(textfont_family=“Arial”, textfont_size=14)

Function to selectively hide labels

def hide_selected_labels(fig, labels_to_hide):
for i, trace in enumerate(
trace.labels = [“” if label in labels_to_hide else label for label in trace.labels]

Labels you want to remove

labels_to_remove = [“Trusted Analysis”, “Trusted Accreditation”, “Trusted Compute”, “Trusted Digital ID and Web 3.0”, “Others”]

Apply the label hiding function

hide_selected_labels(fig, labels_to_remove)

Save the sunburst chart as an HTML file