Subplots with dropdown and table

Hi all,

I’m using plotly’s offline mode to generate interactive html files. In particular, I’ve used tools.make_subplots and buttons (modifying ‘visible’ argument just like in ‘Update dropdowns’ section here ) to have both a dropdown, which selects which dataset to plot, as well as multiple subplots for the selected dataset; it all works very nicely.

However, this does not seem to work for figure factory tables which are embedded into a subplot. While they can be embedded into a subplot (I followed the example here: ), using the dropdown, i.e. modifying the subplot’s visibility, seems to have no effect. Meanwhile go.Table can be updated with a dropdown but cannot be embedded into a subplot.

Is there any way to have both subplots and an ‘update’ button with a table?


Hi @gro,

It’s not currently possible to add a go.Table object to a subplot using the add_trace(..., row=y, col=x) syntax. I think you’re best option at this point would be to position the table trace manually by setting the x and y properties of table.domain