Subplots - title alignment

fig = sp.make_subplots(rows=len(data), cols=1, vertical_spacing=0.01, shared_xaxes=True,
x_title=‘my_x_title’, y_title=‘my_y_title’)

Is there a way to adjust the position of y_title?

I have a plot with horizontal bar plots and the y_title overlaps the y_axis labels.
I’ve tried changing margins with fig.update_layout() but that changes the entire plot, while fig.update_yaxes(title_standoff=100) changes the position of the subplot y_title.

Hi @TARpa welcome to the forums.

There surely is a way to do so, would you mind sharing an image (or code) what exactly the problem is?

I solved this, you can access it in annotations fig[‘layout’][‘annotations’]