Strip/remove all default CSS from Dash !?

My main question: can i strip Dash of all default styling , in order to use a purchased CSS Bootstrap Dashboard UI Kit ?

I am talking about removing all styling for DCC/DBC .

One issue is with the tables, they have the class ROW, and since this is one of the 3 major classes in Bootstrap , I get some bad alignments and need to correct them with custom css (and !important marking ), which I would like to avoid.

Also my purchased UI Kit has all the CSS classes for elements such as: Tabs/ Modal/ Popups/

Is there an easy way of removing all CSS ?

Thank you.

In the case of dash-bootstrap-components there are no styles included by default, just make sure you aren’t linking to a CDN or something when creating the app, e.g. do

app = dash.Dash()

rather than

app = dash.Dash(external_stylesheets=[dbc.themes.BOOTSTRAP])

as you might otherwise.

In the case of dash-table or dash-core-components, there isn’t really a way to strip out the styles, which is a bit unfortunate. You can typically override them with some custom CSS though.