Stress test on Dash app deployed to Heroku

I deployed my Dash app in Heroku. I have the free account and I want to perform some stress tests. I want to use the loader io. In the first step, I have been asked to verify my target page. The process is described as:
1)Place this verification token in a file: loaderio-6aaab********
Or download the file you need. (in case that you press the download button, you will get a .txt file with the token)

2)Upload the file to your server so it is accessible at one of the following URLs:********/********.html********.txt

But I have no clue what to do from this point. Any suggestions anyone?

Did you make any progress on this ? I’m in the exact same situation and have tried everything

Same here, any advice on this anyone?

I contacted This was their reply. I doesn’t really help me, but perhaps it can help others

|Hi Robert,

I’m afraid we’re not extremely familiar with what DASH is, but typically for verification to pass you need to either place the verification file into a “public” or “www root” folder (the exact path varies depending on the server setup and configuration). In some cases the public folder is served at a sub-path of the domain (e.g.…) - in that case you may need to configure the server differently, or add the verification path as a route to your server (instead of serving a static file).