Stop or delay the callback on every keystroke while typing in a value

Hi, sorry if this is in the documentation, but I can only find people posting in search of solution, e.g.

My issue is that I will have barely started typing in a date and when some bright spark decides that there is a typo in my spelling and all heck breaks loose. I need some way to slow down the callback so that it is not on every key stroke. It is making my form unusable. I am sure that this must have been solved, but… :frowning:

Suggestions appreciated.

Regards, T.

Perhaps, I should have clicked around a little harder. Here is some working code

I’m actually interested in datatable, not dcc_Input, but this gives me something to start with.

Sigh. Or maybe not… Seems like the debounce, n_blur and so on apply to dcc.Input but not to Datatables.