Dash input box stuck when user type in

i have a layout with several dcc.Input to handle user input;
but i found that it’s very slow when user type in characters in the input box. this is before user click “enter” or ‘submit’ button, so i suppose the backend callback not triggered yet;
what’s wrong here and is there anyway to speed up?

Use State (Part 3. Basic Callbacks | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly) or update on enter/blur (Input | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly)

thanks for response, but i’ve already used Stat paradigm:
actually the callback is correctly triggered after the button clicked, but still before that the type in the input box is very slow.

State(‘dropdown-business-id’, ‘value’),
def update(ncks,ds,days, tenant_id):

i just found there is a property: debounce
and it said:

If True , changes to input will be sent back to the Dash server only on enter or when losing focus. If it’s False , it will sent the value back on every change.

should i change it to True?
and why use “State” doesn’t help in this case