Static html page with interaction


I can only publish static html pages. Therefore I create the desired plotly graphs (with some traces), save and “deploy” as html page. The user can hide and unhide the desired traces.

They want more. E.g.

  1. Hide and unhide several traces at once (grouping traces and hide / unhide the group)
  2. Show a subselect of pandas data frame (quering)

Question: With what kind of technic
s could I create such pages ?

Thanks a lot in advace,


Hey @michel77 if you just need the interactivity of the graphs, you could just put the plotly-JS graph into your html page. An example here:

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I came forward, I use the client side call back for the purpose. I took the example car sharing on the site .

After starting, I can stop Flask, the page continues to work. This means that there is no interaction with the server.

Now I save the page as a complete HTML page and open this HTML file in the web browser. I get an empty page (message Loading…). In debug mode I see, for example, the following console entry:

Carsharing.html:3418 Access to fetch at ‘file:///C:/_dash-layout’ from origin ‘null’ has been blocked by CORS policy: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, isolated-app, chrome-extension, chrome, https, chrome-untrusted.

What am I doing wrong ?

Many thanks in advance !