Starting First Assignment on

This is a question about the Plotly dash web Assembly used in the maven course. How do we add a new program into this? I can see how to modify the examples but not how to create a new project. Or are we to do the first exercise somewhere else?

hi @hoylerbr
To work with the exercises on wasmdash, just replace the example code with the code from the exercises and click save and run. It’s easiest to start with the example and just replace that code.

Assignment 1 uses the Shades data, so make sure to incorporate that data into your app like this:

df = pd.read_csv("")

hello is there a way i can do the first assignment on visual studio? or it has to be on wasmdash. if i do the projects on wasmdash, how do i save it and present it to someone

hi @cnweke3506
:wave: Welcome to the community.
There is no way to save and present to someone the app you build on WasmDash.

But yes, you can do all you assignments on Visual Studio. Just make sure to install dash and pandas into a virtual environment before you run the app:

pip install dash
pip install pandas

For other libraries on wasmDash you will often see the usage of micropip.

# Import packages
import micropip
await micropip.install("dash_ag_grid")

This is only for wasmDash, which means that in VS Code you cannot use it. You will have to install dash-ag-grid into the virtual environment and import it like you import the other libraries:

pip install dash-ag-grid

# Import packages
import dash_ag_grid as dag