Standalone HTML files with interactivity

Is it possible to generate standalone HTML files with interactivity features (like dropdowns, select buttons) using Plotly/Dash?
Bokeh facilitates standalone interactive offline HTMLs through JS callbacks, and that feature is the only reason I haven’t moved over to Plotly completely. The feature allows me to share early versions of visualizations easily with teammates within office and clients outside.


Unfortunately Dash does not have client-side/Javascript callbacks at the moment, so you’ll need to be running the Dash app as a server somewhere to share the apps.

One simple way to share web-apps running on your local machine with anyone over the web is the ngrok took. I use that when I need to demo a Dash or other app running locally on another machine somewhere.

Thanks for the answer @nedned, I’m in the same boat as hkhare.

Looking to create standalone HTML reports (preferably with tabs, buttons, etc.) which can be saved and shared offline. Though Bokeh can be frustrating to use, this feature puts it over the top for me at the moment (though @chriddyp is working on making this possible here).

Is there any workaround for integrating offline interactive features with Plotly plots currently? Maybe using ipywidgets or by saving the Plotly plots as div and using a template engine like Jinga2? Any recommendations on a best path forward would really be appreciated.

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