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Stackgroup with traces with different length

Good afternoon everybody.
I hope you’re all doing well despite this global lockdown.

I’m currently trying to plot a bunch of traces in the [stackgroup] configuration.
It’s working kinda fine, but I’m having some strange behaviour if my traces have different slength (and values on the x axis).

As seen here, everithing look normal even if I don’t have any data for ‘time’=’'2020-04-12"

However when I’m using another trace (Blue trace here) with a different length (ex : data on ''2020-04-12" ) I’m starting to have some really strange behaviour.

It’s seems the missing value (here on orange) is set to null, which seem somewhat understandable. However is it possible to tell plotly, to guess (interpolation maybe) what should be the value here. In this example the sum of blue and orange should be the pink dotted line.

I don’t know if such will is possible. But if so, it will same me some coding time to fill the missing space on orange.

Thanks for your feedback

All the best