Stacked histogram with percentage annotations

I have a pandas dataframe and the following code:

import pandas as pd
import as px

box = ['A','B','B','B','C','A','B','C','A','B']
value = [90,16,26,36,92,12,14,84,27,11]

sample_data = pd.DataFrame(list(zip(box,value)), columns =['Box', 'Value'])

fig = px.histogram(sample_data,
                   range_x=[0, 100],

I want to create a Histogram(stacked/grouped) in plotly. And I want to display the percentage of total values per box falling into a certain bin. For example, if box A contains 5 values in the bin 0-10 and a total of 20 values in A, then the histogram for box A should display 25%, and so on.

Note: I don’t want the percentage based on total values falling into a certain bin for all boxes, rather I want to display percentage per box in a particular bin.

What changes do I need to make here?