Stacked area plot with stackgroup in Cufflinks

I’m trying to make a stacked area plot as demonstrated here

This works great in plotly using

{“type”: “scatter”, “stackgroup”: “A”,}

Is this possible in Cufflinks, using df.iplot()? If you use

df.iplot(kind=‘area’, fill=True)

The hover labels are cumulative instead of individual.


Hi @agplot,

I don’t know if cufflinks has added direct support for the stackgroup parameter. This would be a question for the cufflinks project (

You might be able to:

Hope that helps,

Hi @jmmease,

Thanks, this is a nice workaround. Although it seems best to plot a scatter plot instead of line.

I did not realize that Cufflinks is an independent project. This not particularly clear from the documentation on Plotly’s website (e.g.

Thanks again for the help.