Some Plotly figures fail when displaying more than 8


I wrote a Dash app to analyze some geophysical data. The user has the ability to specify the number of plots. Everything works well as long as the total number of plots is roughly 8 or less. As soon as the number of plots exceeds that number, multiple figures randomly start failing.

I have multiple reasons to think this is not related to the code I wrote. The failure of the graphs appears to be ‘partial’. They still contain the correct data.

1: Hovermode still works for these graphs and displays the correct values. The curves are just no longer visible. [Fig2]
2: If I hit the little photocamera icon on the failing graph to ‘save as png’, then the PNG does display the correct figure. [Fig4]
3: Interacting with one of the figures can cause another figure to experience its partial failure (without a Dash callback being involved!) [Fig 3]

I read some sporadic reports (python - Plotly displaying sad 'fail' face instead of output - Stack Overflow) that other people also have this issue in one form or another. Is this a known issue?

I would share my code, but the app I wrote is very large and I didn’t attempt to create a small self-contained example yet. I thought I’d first ask the community. The problem happens in Edge and Chrome (the only browsers I can access at work)

Does anyone have any ideas?

P.S.: Some figures illustrating the problem (For some reason the ‘sad face’ icon is not showing up here, it doesn’t appear on all failing plots)
P.P.S: Plotly version is 5.3.1, dash 2.0.0 in case that matters

Fig1: I have more than 8 plots open, some of them have stopped displaying

Fig2: Mousing over still shows the underlying value, but the curve is just not visible anymore

Fig3: I hit the ‘photo’ icon on this plot of Fig2, notice that the plot in the last figure disappeared! I did not touch it and no callback was triggered.

Fig4: The figure that was generated by hitting the ‘photo’ button in Fig3 shows the correct curve. So it is really there, just not visualizing…