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Some hovertexts show only one character


I have created a 3D chart, using R, but some hovertexts show only one character, but the majority is correct (4 full lines with the correct text).

nullLabel <- list(title = "", showticklabels = FALSE)

p <- plot_ly(data = allDF, x = ~fromDF, y = ~toDF, z = ~dateDF, color = ~threadDF, colors = rainbow(length(unique(allDF$threadDF))), hoverinfo = "text", text = ~paste0("From: ", fromDF, "\nTo: ", toDF, "\nSubject: ", subjectDF, "\nDate: ", dateDF)) %>% layout(showlegend = FALSE, title = "Some Title", scene = list(xaxis = nullLabel, yaxis = nullLabel, zaxis = nullLabel)) %>% add_markers()

And here an example of a wrong hovertext. The text inside the data frame is correct.

I am aware that before it was common to use “<\br>” but it doesn’t work anymore. Instead I have to use “\n”.

I am using macOS 10.12.5, RStudio (but same result using pure R), R Version 3.4.1 and plotly package

Any help would be appreciated.