Only allow hovertext for one axis

The default behavior of the stacked bar chart appears to have hover text for each layer (which I want) as well as a hover text for the y-axis (which I don’t want). I only want the added annotation labels to show up on the left, without the same text in a hover tag appearing on top of it because it’s repetitive.

I tried getting rid of this by changing hovermode to x, y, and even closest, and it didn’t work. I also tried customizing the hovertext by adding the text argument to each trace. This didn’t work either. I thought maybe inside the yaxis object I could somehow pass the right info into the hoverformat argument, but I’m not seeing anything out there to give me any insight into that either. Someone please help.

Hi @cicipoo,

Have you tried using hoverinfo = 'x'

Yes I finally found that after posting this! I was using the wrong key words in my google searches :blush: