[solved] Modifying individual subplot properties in a facet graph created by plotly-express

I’ve tried setting a single subplot y axis to log in a facet plot (created with pl=px.line(…, facet-row=…))

sp = pl.get_subplot(2,1)
and then sp is

    'anchor': 'y5', 'domain': [0.0, 0.98], 'matches': 'x', 'showticklabels': False
}), yaxis=layout.YAxis({
    'anchor': 'x5', 'domain': [0.8240000000000001, 1.0], 'matches': 'y', 'title': {'text': 'value'}, 'type': 'log'

then displaying pl in a notebook by having it alone in a cell
but the axes are not as I want them, (the wrong ones are log, more than one (and I’ve set one), i know about the 1-indexing)
am I missing something obvious ?
also, can I individually set the ylim?

OK, I have a partial solution,
the problem that I still have is that the ranges are still connected.
all the log ranges have the same y limit ranges.

a = a.update_yaxes(col=1, row=3, autorange=True);

a = a.update_yaxes(col=1, row=4, autorange=True);

a = a.update_yaxes(col=1, row=5, range=(1,5), type='log');

a = a.update_yaxes(col=1, row=1, range=(0, 4), type='log');

a = a.update_yaxes(col=1, row=2, range=(0, 4), type='log');

it seems that part of my confusion stemmed from the fact that the first_cell in facet plots is bottom-left.