[SOLVED] Modifications in Asset Folder => Prevent Reload Page?

Hi guys,

Am I correct by assuming that a modifications within the Asset Folder would reload the page if Debug is set as True ?

My app is just creating a DataFrame from Data Selected from an Hover over a map, then saving this new DataFrame into an excel in the asset folder, which leads (I believe) to reload the page.

Would anybody from Dash/Plotly Team or whoever be able to confirm that?

Many thanks,


Funny fact, this was not happening in older version of Dash, while Debug being set to True though.


Not sure it’s solely related to debug set to true…might want to look here (https://dash.plot.ly/external-resources) and possibly set assets_ignore to prevent triggering on certain files…


Thx @flyingcujo, I finally found the answer on : https://dash.plot.ly/devtools , using dev_tools_hot_reload.

app.run_server(debug=True, dev_tools_hot_reload = False) prevent the app to reload if a file within the asset folder is modified while keeping the debug mode active

For anyone who may be interested.

Excellent! Thanks for posting your solution as that will be handy for me in the near-future.

Thank you so much, you save my days!