Slider animation speed issues


I’m making a chart with a slider and animation; it is nearly identical to what is shown here: The data is different but the code I used to create the figure/slider is the same.

However, the speed of the transition between each frame is too fast. I’ve tried adjusting pretty much every occurrence of the ‘duration’ parameter to be both higher and lower than in the code sample, but the animation speed on my graph hasn’t changed. Does anyone have any tips on how to adjust the animation speed? Am I adjusting the wrong parameter? What unit is the duration number in?

Would appreciate any help.



I am experiencing the same issue. Were you ever able to resolve it? What I have discovered is that the duration parameters only seem to take effect if I pause the animation then play it again. The initial playthrough on page load does not seem to be impacted by any duration parameters I can find. I also tried to deactivate autoplay, but I couldn’t find an option to do this in the Python API, though this seems to be an option in the JS API.