Slider and play/pause buttons

I have created plotly figures with play button, pause button and a slider. Most of the time, they work perfectly together. When I play, the slider will move accordingly. If I move the slider, the graph will move to the right place. If I hit play again, the graph will animate again with slider moving accordingly. Beautiful.

However, some times after I moved the slider and hit the Play button again, the graph will start to animate, but the slider will be stuck at the position where I have moved it to, and won’t update after I hit the Play button. This problem doesn’t always occur, and I haven’t figured out a pattern about when this problem will happen.

If anybody has any idea about how to fix this, I will appreciate your help. Thanks!


It would be great if the plotly community maintainers replied to this thread. I’ve noticed the plotly user community is very hungry for knowledge and wishes to find ways to make plotly work but unfortunately most posts remain unanswered which pushes users away from this project