Showing different graphs based on user input


I’m very new to Dash but I couldn’t find an answer to this question that I was fully satisfied with.

A database I’m working I storing millions of data points and as a result I cannot load all the data into each Flask session because it would be too big. As far as I can see though, a dash board is completely global to each user, meaning that if I allowed a user to enter form data to specify which set of data or range to view, that would be fixed for all people viewing the same page and people could interfere with others viewing the same set of data.

Is there some way to allow a user to enter a normal html form (or a better way) to select what data they wish to view and based on this, THEN retrieve that data from the database and display it just to that user without the worry that other people would be forced to view the same plot when navigating to that page. E.g anyway to introduce url based queries or variables automatically or perhaps just return different dashes based on user input.