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Hello guys,

a couple of months ago I created a Dashboard with Dash and Plotly and hosted it on Heruko. Everything went well, except the fact that the app was server-based rather than session-based if that makes sense. For example, if one user calls the app and choose some data to visualize through a menu on top, another use will see the same data on their browser, at least on the graphs once they refresh the page.

How do you deal with problem? It there any way to activate some sort session management in Dash?

Thanks a lot for the support

hi @Yassine00
welcome to the community. I’m glad you’re enjoying Dash so far.

I’m assuming that is happening because the data chosen by X user is global so it affects the data seen for all users. I would recommend updating the data seen only within a callback function as opposed to updating the global data variable.

Does that make sense?


Hallo Adam,

Thanks a lot for the response!

You are right. Some of the variable are defined globaly. It makes sense now. I will try to update the variable only within the call-back functions as you suggested and come back to this post If I have any relating questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the time Adam!

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