Show & Tell: First Attempt at Treemaps

I’m really loving treemaps.
They seem to be a perfect combination of pie charts and bar charts.
Pie charts are great at showing proportions of elements of a datasets, but a little difficult to compare elements. Bar charts are crystal clear when it comes to comparison, but you don’t get a sense of the proportions of dataset elements.

Treemaps seem to be both at the same time. Clearly ordered rectangles, to see which is bigger, as well as visually seeing how much of the total each element occupies in the dataset.

The interactivity provided with the Plotly version just makes it more interesting, but most importantly allows the visualization to scale to a large number of elements.

This dashboard shows the trending topics and hashtags on Twitter for all available locations. Previously, it would just show the raw data as a table, now it shows each country (and/or cities) as a separate treemap.

Some information might be confusing as Twitter reports on the tweet volume for Twitter globally, which might give the wrong impression that that many tweets were made in the given location. Any suggestions more than welcome.

Link to Twitter trends dashboard

Code repo on GitHub


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