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Show and tell - viewing CollegeScoreCard data

Hi all, here is my attempt at presenting CollegeScoreCard data:

It’s a work in progress, and I welcome your feedback!

Git repo:
Git repo for the databases:
Official US DoE website: (my work completely unaffiliated with this website or US DoE).

Thank you Chris and others at Plotly for your amazing work!


Wow, so nice, so extensive!

I love these little helper messages throughout the app, very very thoughtful :ok_hand:


Lots of data without being overwhelming. Lots of useful filters and additional data for each institution, social media accounts, maps. Wow!

Now with the latest version of dash 0.22.0 you can have static HTML that can be indexed by search engines.

If you make a separate URL for every institution, as well as every group of institutions (university A, university B, universities in California, universities in New England, etc) then you will have a site with thousands of static pages of useful content. That could get you a lot quality search engine traffic, because those people would be coming actively looking for the information that you have.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Looks great on mobile too. Massive thumbs up from me!

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:fist: Free The Data :fist:

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Thank you all for your encouragement.
@chriddyp – your gifs are awesome. They work so well as tutorials.
@eliasdabbas – yes, I’m planning on making individual school profiles. It didn’t occur to me that that might help with Google ranking. Many thanks for the reminder! :wink:
@eddy_oj – I think mobile rendition is hit-or-miss at this point. I suppose I should include some user-agent based warning. But glad to hear that it looks on some mobile devices at least!

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