Show and Tell - Interactive explanations of math concepts

Hello everyone!

I participate in ‘Summer of Math exposition’ event organized by ‘3blue1brown’ YouTube channel.
Main idea of this event is to create online content of any type.

I created a project about interactive explanations of the following math concepts:

  1. linear regression
  2. K-nearest neighbors
  3. Bubble sorting algorithm
  4. Selection sorting algorithm

All these explanations were created using Plotly JS.

I already made a post on Linkedin to share with my connections, and tagged Plotly and #PlotlyCommunity. But seems like LinkedIn algorithm did not show this to you)

LinkedIn post
My project

Please have a look Plotly Community, @adamschroeder , I will be happy to get your feedback/thoughts.



hi @landshaft
:wave: welcome to the community and thank you for sharing this cool learning tool. You say that the graphs were created with Plotly.js. What about the app, did you create that with Dash?

The bubble sort section is so much fun to look at and play with :slight_smile:


Hi @adamschroeder,

I created website using Django(Python web framework).

And thank you for your feedback!

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