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Show and Tell - Heatmap and Scatter for Research Analytics at Berkeley Lab πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ”¬

Hello community,

I’m excited to share with you a dashboard I built a few months ago!

It is deployed on Heroku (with dummy data) for viewing convenience and an intro to the project motivation can be found in the README. I used heatmap and scatterplot Graph Objects to form the basis of an analytics tool for a research group studying molecular dynamics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

It is my first dashboard and web app so it took about 3 months to design and build. I am in the process of writing a blog post about how I did it and would be grateful for any feedback or questions the community may have. Cheers!


wow, beautiful! I used to live in Berkeley and have been to LBNL many times!

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https://twitter.com/plotlygraphs/status/1445851735520538627 :slight_smile:


This is so cool. Love how the app combines both hardware control and the analysis of the data into a single interface. Great write up in the readme!


Aww, thank you for the comment and Tweet! I enjoyed my time at LBNL very much, such a wonderful community.

Thank you for the kind words and the feedback! It was a ton of fun switching my primary focus from the science to the data, and a fun challenge in delivering a product for research with Plotly.

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Looks really good. Congratulations!