Show and Tell - Dash Leaflet

Hi, this is amazing.

I have tried to use Multipolyline with no success, can you provide an example?

You should just use the Polyline component, see e.g. this example

Hi @Emil - the work you have done here is super cool and I guess I am only scratching the top of it at the moment.
I am trying to use hover_feature in tandem with LayersControl but it is possible to have multiple overlays on with overlapping features and still get the properties for the highlighted feature?
I guess the layers are ordered and only the top feature of overlapping features would get picked up?
Would you have an example of this working please? Do all layers still need a unique id and corresponding callback or is there a more elegant way to do this, possibly using the LayersControl id?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Hey, just so you know, this example doesn’t run as-is for me.

Dear All,

I was looking through the documentation and did not see anything for saving svg/png/eps images from leaflet maps. Embedding the leaflet object as the figure property of a dcc.Graph component as I have done previously for mapbox maps does not appear to be supported unless it is a pilot erorr on my part. Ideally, I’d like to have the figure toolbar available and treat the leaflet map like anything else, but I would settle for just being able to save it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks - Marie

@troynh I believe that only the most top layer would be picked up, but it is some time since I have worked with a such example, so I don’t have one at hand. If you need a different behavior, I would recommend looking into the Leaflet docs to get a sense of how a solution would look.

@fedderw What example are you referring to? What version of dash-leaflet are you running?

@marie The Map component is completely separate from the Graph component, so you can’t combine them in that way. Rather, you would need a leaflet plugin, I guess something like easyPrint would do?

Thank you @Emil. It looks like easyPrint is too restrictive for my use case, but now that I know what to look for I should be able to figure out a workaround. All my best - Marie