Show and Tell - Dash for Academic Researchers

Hi Dash community :wave:

I’m happy to share with you my first Dash app that hopefully will be helpful to the researchers out there!
The app is powered by Semantic Scholar API and operates within the “free” API rate limit.

A user can search for key words and the app retrieves (1) a dashboard of useful analytics, (2) a cytoscape of collaborations between authors, and (3) a cytoscape of citations between papers. There are a few filters and nodes you can tap on for more interactivity :slight_smile:

For now it runs locally on my machine (and yours if you clone the GitHub repo, but will deploy it on Heroku very soon.


Great work @jhupiterz the UI design looks appealing! :clap:

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I like the cytoscape use … it makes for a great visual, however I’m always trying to understand the “what does this tell me” aspect.

I’ve been curating content for the following meta app of Dash apps. … so let me know when you get such.

Check out the following example


Beautiful app @jhupiterz ! We were excited to feature it in this month’s Dash Club Dispatch :slightly_smiling_face: Dash Club Dispatch #6: WebAssembly, Summer App Challenge & Show & Tell

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Thanks a lot @chriddyp ! Excited to be featured in the Dash Club Dispatch :slight_smile:

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