Show and Tell - Dash App Comparing Electoral Systems

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share a Dash app I’m currently developing: It’s open sourced; you can find the GitHub repo here.

In short, it’s a dashboard aimed at comparing the effect that using different electoral systems would have had in past parliamentary elections. Currently several Spanish elections and the last USA election are integrated, but in the repo’s Readme I explain how to easily add new countries and elections if you want to.

I look forward to your feedback - hope you like it!


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Wow, this is really cool. We need more tools like this in our media & discourse! Are these different electoral systems being discussed in Spain?

Thank you for sharing and publishing :pray:

Here’s a screenshot of the app for those just passing through:

Thanks Chris, I’m very glad you like it!

The electoral system used in Spain does get discussed from time to time, but in general it gets little attention.

For me, it is surprising to see how applying different systems can affect the final, overall result of a parliamentary election (house of reps). If you take this into account, the huge diversity of electoral laws when you compare from country to country is also surprising. However, many people are not aware of it. I thought developing this app because I think it might help people better understand the impact of the electoral law in their countries.