Show and Tell - Cookiecutter-Dash

I started working on a cookiecutter for Dash apps.

It features:

  • Environment variables configured with a .env file
  • Continuous Integration with .travis.yml
  • Code Quality with .codeclimate.yml
  • Test coverage with codecov.yml
  • Python dependencies management with .pyup.yml
  • Python code formatting with black
  • A utility shell script to create a Python virtual environment and create the Initial commit

Suggestions and feedback are very welcome!

I have some issues in deploying the generated Dash app on Heroku though.
I followed the guide in the Dash documentation, and I deployed other Dash apps in the past. I’m not sure, but from the Heroku logs it seems a packaging issue. Maybe it depends on how I organized the code in modules…


Excellent - I was pondering a similar problem today so will take a look. Any luck with Heroku yet? What kind of errors did you get?

Probably it’s just a matter of rearranging the python modules in a different way. I plan to fix it this weekend.

Also, please feel free to suggest new features to include.

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