Show and tell - A pokemon dashboard (with pokemon type prediction)

Hi all,
I built my first dash app called “Dash pokemon”. It is for visual analysis and pokemon type prediction and could be useful for pokemon related gaming.

app demo gif -
pokemon_demo_fast_Full HD 1080p

The app is currently live here - dash-pokemon

Check out the code here - github

The app has 4 tabs -

  • Tab 1 - Bar graph visual of best pokemon using Pokemon type and strength criteria.
  • Tab 2 - Box plot for each pokemon type. Also finds the best and worst types.
  • Tab 3 - Scatterplot, pairplot - Correlations between different features of pokemon.
  • Tab 4 - Predicting a Pokemon’s type using its features. There are options to play around with features as well as the targets (pokemon’s types) to be classified.
    Model accuracy varies according to the options selected.

I enjoyed using Plotly dash, and have learned a fair bit about how it works.
Looking forward to making more dashboards!

Here are some Screenshots -

tab 1 -

tab 2 -

tab 3 -

tab 4 -


Love the effort you put in designing the layout and the overall depth of the app!

Just out of curiosity: what sort of classifier did you train for the type predictions?


Thanks a lot!
I have used random forest classifier, but I didn’t focus much on optimization.