Shift+click does not deselect points on scatter plot

Using JupyterLabs and Plotly on a mac - I’m able to select multiple points on click events and with box/lasso selections to get a selection of points. On the mac, Option+click works to add points on click events and Shift+click for lasso/box selections.

However, if I attempt to shift or option button click to deselect, I am unable to deselect the data points. I’ve been searching around the web and this forum but haven’t been able to find another post dealing with this, but if there is already an open question on this that I missed, point me in that direction. Trying to see if there is something I’m doing wrong before I try to write a function that manages this.

I’ve set the following in troubleshooting:
clickmode = ‘select’ and ‘select+event’
dragmode = ‘select’ or not set
hovermode = ‘closest’

try double clicking very fast, it doesn’t work if your clicks are not fast enough

Sorry for the late reply, fast clicking didn’t work either. I was using ipywidgets and tweaking a filter would reset things.

rerunning the cell reset things, but it appeared that it would get hung up. I’m not sure if it was running into issues with the amount of data I was loading or not. I haven’t played with that particular plot in a while, but will be getting back into it shortly and will see if I can recreate it.