Selecting or deleting multiple points on plotly scatterplot generated by using R+Shiny

I have some questions,

I am developing a shiny app for plotting some data, my output graphs are scatterplots. I am plotting these graphs using plotly, ggplotly and ggplot2 etc.

  1. Can I select multiple points using click feature in Plotly? I don’t want to use lasso selection, because the points I want to select are far from each other.

  2. I want the user to select 5-10 points by clicking, these points should reflect below the plot in table form. And after that, I want to draw a line through these selected points. Is it possible?

  3. Can I delete some points interactively by just selecting those on the plot and pressing delete or remove button, maybe I can introduce a button which can do the delete operation?

Thank you