Sharing data several times in a multi-tab app

Hello dear Dash friends,

I am new to the forum, I am very happy to be here. I am working on a Dash app with 3 tabs.

I am using Dash 2.0.0, Python 3.8 and Pycharm.

The first tab of the app is a form. The second one shows the results of some calculations based on the information entered through the form and the last one allows the user, through sliders, to modify the information previously entered in the form while showing the updated results live.

For this to work smoothly, I have to share the data from the first tab a first time to make the calculations (when clicking on submit button on the first page/form) and a second time to modify the information previously entered in the form (when clicking on a button on the second page).

It works perfectly for the first time but not for the second time.

I get an error telling that input can’t be None Value.

I guess that after clicking on the submit button on the first page, the information entered in the form is shared and not accessible anymore for future requests. Do you confirm?

Is there any way to solve without needing to store the information ?



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HI @davi
Welcome to the Dash community.

Is there a way for you to share a minimal working example? It would be good to see how you’re using dcc.Store here.

Hi @adamschroeder thank you!
It is a great honor to see you here, I’ve watched some videos from your YouTube channel, amazing content really!

I am actually not using dcc.Store for now, just callbacks. I am actually thinking about using sqlalchemy to store data so that I can access to it whenever I need. I am running against deadlines here but will do my best to share a minimal working example!

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