Sharing data in a new browser Tab

Hello :slight_smile:,

I’m triyng to share data from a Dash form to new browser tabs but I’m struggling with that.

I tried dcc.Store() with the storage type “memory” => as the doc said the data is lost when page refresh.

Then I tried the storage type" session" => As i’m using a multi page app the 1st time I submit the data on the new tab the content is None and then every time I submit again the dcc.Store() give me back the previous data (so I have a constant gap of 1 on every loading).

Finally when I use the storage_type “local” => every time I update the graph on a browser tab the others tabs are updated too and that’s not the behavior that I’m expecting.

Maybe someone can help me to figure out ?

Thank you :slight_smile: :+1: