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Several assets folders

My dash app is a report that can be used on different datasets which include audio files on local computer of a user. I cant move this audio files in the assets folder every time a person runs my app because they can take gigobytes and there are tons of different datasets. I know that I can specify assets folder when running my app, but my app also already has a normal assets folder with css and etc.

So I wonder how can I provide html.Audio(src=local_path) and not put those files in my existing assets folder. Mayby there is a way to specify several assets folders.

In this case, you can direct flask to make certain folders upload-able with custom routes. see

In flask’s documentation, app refers to dash’s app.server, so you would have

import flask

def download_file(filename):
    return flask.send_from_directory(some_other_directory,
                               filename, as_attachment=True)

I’m not sure what the syntax is for some_other_directory, but that should give you an idea.