Setting Contour heat map scale

Folks, I would appreciate some help please. I have 2 separate contour heat maps displayed side by side showing MSD performance. I would like to have the scales set the same as it can be a bit misleading when looking at the heat maps if the max values are significantly different. The idea being that by quickly looking at the graphs you can determine if there is a mismatch between the systems that needs to be corrected.

How can i set the scale on both contours to be equal? i am plotting my data using the following javascript.

		var z_data= data.Zlist;
		var x_data= data.Xlist;
		var y_data= data.Ylist;
		var pdata = [{
				   z: z_data,
				   x: x_data,
				   y: y_data,
				   type: 'contour',
                   autocontour: true,
                   ncontours: 50,
				   colorscale: 'Jet',
                   zsmooth: 'best',
                   type: 'heatmap',
                   showscale: true
		var layout = {
		  title: "<b>my graph</b>" 
        Plotly.newPlot('my_graph',  pdata, layout);

Thanks for any help provided.

Simply set zmin and zmax to the same values in both your contour traces.

Awesome. Thank you!!