Set Symbols in Scatterplot repeat after the 5th symbol instead of alternating further

I want to create a scatterplot in which the Symbols are set by one column of my input data, however after 5 diferent symbols they keep repeating ( according to the documentation there should be a lot more different symbols). How can i fix this ?

Here the example code:

data = {‘X’:[10,4,8,7,5,23,8,23,4,23,9,2,52,14,5,4,13,12,11,10],
df= pd.DataFrame(data)

fig = px.scatter(x=df[“X”], y=df[“Y”], title=“Example Plot”,

This stackoverflow answer should work or you if I understand you correctly. You shouldn’t have to keep a column of markers.

Thank you for your answer, but I do not think this helps me.

First I am not sure how to transpose this to a scatterplot an second I would like to understand why my solution doesnt work?

I am new to this and sorry if my questions arent formulated well enough

The key concept is to use itertools to lookup the next marker or even the next line style. Here is the code in that stackoverflow answer I was referring to: