Set bar origin in angular gauge indicator to start at 0


I would like to have the darkblue bar to start at 0, to be able to use it for negative and positive values.

Currently I don’t see how I could define that, judging by the reference.

Could anybody give me a hint here please? Is it clear what I want to achieve? Like a bipolar metering that starts in the middle and goes left/right depending on positive or negative value.

import plotly.graph_objects as go
 fig = go.Figure(go.Indicator(
    mode = "number+gauge+delta", value = -40,
    domain = {'x': [0, 1], 'y': [0, 1]},
    delta = {'reference': 10, 'position': "top"},
    title = {'text':"<b>Gearing</b><br><span style='color: gray; font-size:0.8em'>Financial<br>Stability</span>", 'font': {"size": 14}},
    gauge = {
        'shape': "angular",
        'axis': {'range': [-100, 100]},
        'threshold': {
            'line': {'color': "red", 'width': 2},
            'thickness': 0.75, 'value': 70},
        'bgcolor': "white",
        'steps': [
            {'range': [-100, 100], 'color': "cyan"},
            {'range': [-50, 50], 'color': "royalblue"}],
        'bar': {'color': "darkblue"}}))
fig.update_layout(height = 250)

Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-13 um 21.07.25

Asked on SO as well, but nobody seems to know a solution.

Can I customize the underlaying js modul somehow? Or does anybody have a creative solution?

Opened an issue here as well:

Would be nice to hear a word from somebody involved, if this is possible or maybe considered for an updated Gauge. thx

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