How to add indicators for gauge chart secondary values?

Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to add indicators with secondary values ​​to the center of the gauge chart.

In the chart below we see the green bar being the value(projection),
the value represented by lightgray indicates sales and the value represented by gray shows the consigned.
Is it possible to add the value represented by lightgray and gray in an indicator at the center as it already has the value represented by the green bar?

import plotly.graph_objects as go

fig = go.Figure(go.Indicator(
    domain = {'x': [0, 1], 'y': [0, 1]},
    value = 450,#green bar
    mode = "gauge+number+delta",
    title = {'text': "Speed"},
    delta = {'reference': 380},
    gauge = {'axis': {'range': [None, 500]},
             'steps' : [
                 {'range': [0, 250], 'color': "lightgray"},#lightgray indicator
                 {'range': [250, 400], 'color': "gray"}],#gray indicator 
             'threshold' : {'line': {'color': "red", 'width': 4}, 'thickness': 0.75, 'value': 490}}))