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Sending data to chart in plotly offline mode

I want to do with plotly like this task ( But in offline mode. How can I do this task?
thanks in advance for your helping.


Hi Fantom,
I have the same question. Were you able to resolve this?

Hi @Helena,

This is possible using a FigureWidget in the jupyter notebook ( or using Dash in a standalone web application (

Hope that helps!

Hi John,
thank you for your reply. I actually need to animate display of my data without using GUI. I have data to plot, but I want to display it in an animated way. For example, I have 10 points and need to display one point at a time every second. Would you have an example like this?

Thank you,

Hi @Helena,

If you know all of the points in advance you could use plotly’s built-in animation support. See for an offline example. This isn’t as flexible, but it works in a standalone html file without a Python process.


Hi @Joh,
yes, I have seen this post. I can’t figure out how to get it working for my case. I need exactly this example, only in python and offline version - Cumulative Lines Animation - .


Hi @Helena, the solution to Animation Produces extremely large files might be helpful.