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Selecting tool for Scatter3D

I’d like to implement a selection like this (https://plotly.com/python/v3/selection-events/) in a scatter_3d object.
The conceptual idea would be to draw a rectangle with the mouse (another key pressed would be probably necessary since click is already listened to by clickData and if no point is selected by it, dragging the whole plot is activated) and get all points returned, that are “behind” it in current camera perspective.
I guess this sounds a big bold for starters but I thought that someone might have an initial idea where and how to start working on it since I’m clueless :smiley:

I realized that this been asked before, unanswered:

However for my application it is somehow sufficient to have the same data shown as scatter_3d and as scatter, reduced to 2d with something like TSNE. There the needed selection can be made and projected onto the scatter_3d. Might be that this idea may help someone.