Rectangle tool (cube tool) point selection in 3D scatter plot?


I want to use some kind of click, drag and select event in a 3D Scatter plot. Do you know any solution for this?

This is already possible in a 2D graph by using the rectangle or lasso tools. Code: Part 4. Interactive Graphing and Crossfiltering | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly (First example - Selection Data code)

As far as I have read it is not possible to do the same using something like a cube tool or a sphere tool in a 3D graph. But I ask the question here just in case you know any way of doing it (N.B.).

N.B.: I have already found this solution (python - Select and delete data points in plotly dash 3d scatter - Stack Overflow) that basically says ‘Select points by clicking individually’. But this solution is not good for a complex problem with a considerably big cloud of points.

Thank you beforehand!!