Select and deselect checklist with button

I want to make a button for selecting and deselctin all the parameter in checklist. I have a problem with output type of my callback function.

output('checklist1', 'value')
if n_clicks % 2 = 0:

I can’t find how to send properties correctly, help me please

Welcome to Dash @Andahay .
The documentation on Dash button and Dash checklist is pretty comprehensive. You can also see these tutorials I made on checklists and button components. Those things explain the basics. I’m sure after your read the documentation or see the vidoes, you’ll get a solid understanding of how theses components work.

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Has it been considered to add select/deselect functionality to the component itself? It’s a rather common usage pattern.

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yeah it’s a good idea. similarly for drop downs.

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Thank you for videos, they were very useful. But i stil got my problem. After running my app i got an error unhashable type: ‘list’. I can’t understand there is the problem
P.s. i’ve already read the documentation for both components and sending the list of strings, as it should be

Can you please paste your code and give access to some of your data. I’ll test it out on my end and see if I get the same error.