scrollZoom doesn't work in Chrome


scrollZoom doesn’t work in some situations using Chrome. It works in some pages but in another, it doesn’t work. Using Firefox and Microsoft Edge seems to be working.

I guess examples will better explain .
In this page, scroll zoom doesn’t work

This codepen also doesn’t work

Both examples above works when using Microsoft Edge & Firefox, but not Chrome.

I am using Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84


I can’t replicate. I noticed that the initial state in your 2nd codePen was off

With, things seems to work just fine.

Would you mind sharing a screencast of the behavior you’re seeing?

Thanks for the reply.

I found out when it’s not working (at least for me). It’s not working when scrollbar appears.
Try to resize until scroll bar appears on this codepen

Ha now I see it.

I wonder if this behavior is related to ?

The scrollZoom is not working in the latest version of Edge (41.16299.248.0), Chrome (64.0.3282.167) and Firefox (58.0.2) when the page is scrollable. Due to this the plot won’t have this feature when it is embedded on a page with additional content.

Hmm. I can’t reproduce. Can you share a link to a page showing the problem to help us out. Thank you.

I’ve also uploaded it to here, just please make sure that the page is scrollable to reproduce:

@marfoldi thanks!

Let’s continue the discussion on

Can you confirm that your page was working using plotly.js 1.33.1 ?

@Etienne Thanks for the quick response!

The import points to which is v1.34.0 currently.