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Scrollbar in plot area


Does anybody know a way to have scrollable plot area with a few subplots in the same X axis. In case of a small window height I’d like to keep predefined height for each subplot and use a scrollbar to see any of them. The required solution should looks like the image below:


I’ll appreciate for any ideas.


I’d generate each subplot in a separate graph div (with a separate Plotly.newPlot call) and then wrap all those graph divs in something like:

<div id="wrap" style="overflow:scroll; height:400px;">

Thank you for the suggestion, etienne. I’m afraid that in this case I can’t guarantee Y axes alignment (as you can see on the image). All subplots should use the same x axis.

Have you figured it out?

​No, not yet. I’m afraid it should be done as a part of Plotly itself.

Any update? I’d like to add a horizontal scrolling bar that moves all plots in sync.